“Next time.”

Throughout the month I lived in Paris in 2015, every day that I walked past Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris and eyed the lineups, I thought, next time I’m here I’ll explore  it.

Next time, there will be better light to photograph it.

Next time, there will be fewer people.

No rush. Notre-Dame de Paris has been around, more or less, since 1260. It’ll be here next time.

So on the last day I passed by, one damp wintry evening, I snapped a few grainy night shots, went on my way, then a few days later flew home to North America.

Today, some four years later, flames engulfed Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris.

There is no such thing as “later.” “Next time” is a fool’s phrase.

Carpe Diem.

Link: Wikipedia page for Notre-Dame de Paris


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