This site is a work in progress, and eventually will feature photo projects currently underway. For now, with no particular theme, an eclectic slideshow of the world I see:

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Site under construction – please stay tuned


About my photography:

I have packed a camera for most of my life, first for fun and later for work: my first newspaper job required me to roll film, shoot a manual SLR camera, and develop and print in a dark room. Since then most of my professional journalism has focused on writing, and I’ve been privileged to work with some of the world’s best professional photojournalists.

A few of my own photojournalism shots have also been published, locally and nationally in Canada, and globally by AFP/Getty. The  majority of my images, however, are not journalistic. I aim to see, and show, stories beyond the realm of words.

I have several fiction, photographic and mixed-media projects underway, some begun long ago and recently retrieved from dusty shelves. I’ll post news about these on my blog.


Photo challenge: accepted.

Deborah Jones, Photo ©AlexanderKennedy

My younger son, a photographer/filmmaker, dared me to do Dogwood Photography’s 52-week 2019 challenge. I need a nudge to publish, to ignore my own critical voice, and so accepted.

The challenge is not a competition. Photographers “compete” only against ourselves – but (and here’s the hard part for me) we commit to share our weekly work in public. As well as on social media, I will post each new weekly image  here.


All words and images on this site are mine, except where otherwise noted.

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