This site is a work in progress, and eventually will feature photo projects currently underway. For now, with no particular theme, an eclectic slideshow of the world I see:

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Site under construction – please stay tuned


About my photography:

I have packed a camera for most of my life, first for fun and later for work. My first newspaper job required me to roll film, shoot a manual SLR camera, and develop and print in a dark room. Since then, most of my journalism has focused on writing, and I’ve been privileged to work with some of the world’s best professional photojournalists.

A few of my own photojournalism images have been published, locally and nationally in Canada, and globally by AFP/Getty. The  majority of my images, however, are not journalistic. I aim to see, and show, stories beyond the realm of words.

I have several fiction, photographic, and mixed-media projects underway, some begun long ago and recently retrieved from dusty shelves. I’ll post news about these on my blog, and some of my photos can be found on Flickr.



All words and images on this site are mine, except where otherwise noted.

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