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I reported for decades on breaking news, social and economic policy, science, and occasional whimsey, mostly as a correspondent for Agence France-Presse, Canada’s Globe and Mail, and the former Time Magazine. I  freelanced for publications from the New York Times to medical journals. Staff jobs (always temporarily; I prize independence and prioritized parenting) included the Yellowknifer (my first journalism job as a gap-year student, in 1978), the Fort McMurray TODAY, as a desker at the Canadian Press Halifax bureau, and on the former Vancouver Sun editorial board. I was a long-time contributing editor of both the Report on Business Magazine and the former Chatelaine magazine. I am a founding partner and  edited the employee-owned digital journal Facts and Opinions (2013-2017).

Though primarily a writer, privileged to work with some of the world’s best pro photojournalists, I pack a camera. My news images have been published in outlets from the local Yellowknifer to Canada’s national Globe and Mail to global AFP/Getty.

I now work partly on creative photography and non-fiction projects, while focused on writing fiction.

I do not work in marketing/public relations producing “native advertising,”  “sponsored content” or stories-for-hire. Confusing these with journalism violates public trust in the ethical, evidence-based information we need. Journalism, a key pillar of democracy and a legacy of Kant’s Enlightenment challenges “Dare to know,” and “think for yourself,” is in crisis almost everywhere. Few outlets are thriving, countless thousands have vanished and most survivors are emaciated. Journalism is neglected or disdained by citizens and governments, and under attack from those who benefit politically and financially from its absence. I hope to use my energy and experience to help encourage those who are served by it to support journalism in the public interest. Because, to misquote George Orwell, that’s the only kind of journalism: public interest journalism exists to serve citizenship; the rest of the frenzied modern media lures then sells the attention of citizens, to anyone who wants to buy it, for any purpose.

See  my “About” page for a more general bio.

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