My journalism focused on the intersections of science, society, economy, and citizenship/policy.

Agence France-Presse, The Globe and Mail, and Time Magazine published the majority of my work, as a lifelong independent contractor. Freelance clients ranged from the New York Times to medical journals. Formal positions, in chronological order, include the Yellowknifer (reporter-photographer), Fort McMurray TODAY, (reporter-photographer-desker), Canadian Press (desker, Halifax), Report on Business Magazine (contributing editor), Chatelaine (contributing editor), and the Vancouver Sun (editorial board member and op-ed columnist, until a hedge fund destroyed it). I co-founded and edited the employee-owned digital journal Facts and Opinions (2013-2017).

I am a lifelong advocate for journalism – a key pillar of democracy and a legacy of Kant’s Enlightenment challenges “Dare to know,” and “think for yourself” – which is today in crisis. Journalism is under attack by anti-democratic forces that benefit politically and financially from its absence, suspected by a citizenry that has failed to both support and demand better ethical quality journalism, overwhelmed by social media disinformation and an “attention economy,” and starved of funds. Journalists ourselves are powerless to fix these: only if informed citizens and far-sighted governments acknowledge the value of evidence-based information will they make the systematic changes to rebuild journalism media, and restore battered journalism platforms.

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