I am a journalist by trade, a photographer by desire, and a creative writer by nature. I’m driven by “Why?” and aspire to robust kindness.

As a veteran reporter, I cover breaking news, social and economic policy, and science, for an international audience. (A brief bio and samples* of past works are on my Journalism page.)

I will post updates about my fiction and creative photography projects, some recently revived and others newly underway, on my Tulpaloose page.


Post: PO Box 46875 Station D, Vancouver, Canada  V6J 5M4

email: debs AT deborahjones.ca


*My archives and some stories are password-protected due to copyright and trolling issues. Request access by dropping me an email.

All words and images on this site are mine, except where otherwise noted.

Cover photo of me overlooking Pocitelj, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina courtesy of © Gavin Kennedy



The Fall Hunt

Outside, I see summertime. Inside, my calendar tells me it's time to hunt for this season's one, iconic, perfect, seasonal, image.


About Those Sunflowers

Sunflowers - our global, Ukrainian and personal beacons of light and life - appear spent: their heads hang, leaves droop, stalks blacken with rot. But look again. Not everything beautiful is pretty. Oh, and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.