I am a journalist by trade, a photographer by desire, and a creative writer by nature. I’m driven by “Why?” and aspire to robust kindness.

As a veteran reporter, I cover breaking news, social and economic policy, and science, for an international audience. (A brief bio and samples of past works are on my Journalism page.)*

I will post updates about my fiction and creative photography projects, some recently revived and others newly underway, on my Tulpaloose page.


Post: PO Box 46875 Station D, Vancouver, Canada  V6J 5M4

email: debs AT deborahjones.ca


*Please note, some stories in my archives are password-protected due to copyright and trolling issues. Request access by emailing me a note.


All words and images on this site are mine, except where otherwise noted.

Cover photo of me overlooking Pocitelj, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina courtesy of © Gavin Kennedy



Last finds from a lost year

Howe Sound, British Columbia, Canada, smothered in forest fire smoke Good riddance, 2020. You leave us with grave loss, great divisions, a grievous awakening, and a whacking great reckoning. The future is murky. What next? Read more