June 11, 2016

My queen, should I ever wish to have a queen, would celebrate her 90th birthday with a parade, too, as did Britain’s Elizabeth this month.

A millinery parade! — everyone would wear hats. It would include troops of writers reciting and musicians playing. Scientists and inventors and makers and thinkers and artists and politicians would walk proud. Actors would perform in character, dancers would dance, acrobats fly, beside floats flowing with scented gardens. And, because you need to be strong inside to be soft outside, there’d be knights (men and women in shining armour) — but on this day they’d ride in carts and hand out plates of food, flagons of wine and beer, mugs of coffee and tea, and treats for the children.

These are my thoughts on the military parade and spectacle of the 90th Official Birthday, which of course is not the same thing as the actual 90th birthday on April 26, of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom and various other places.

So Happy Official Birthday, Queen Elizabeth II. I do respect and admire you and your lifelong work. I’ll admit I find your family a tad barmy. The notion of a monarchy is today just bizarre. And, speaking subjectively as a Canadian with restless roots in Scotland and Wales, I do fret about your role in citizen’s forelock-tugging deference to authority.

Copyright Deborah Jones 2016