Leonard Cohen was right! “There’s a crack a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” – from Anthem¹.

Torrential rain, almost unbearably wearying, forecast indefinitely, paused just as the sun went down on January 1. As it left, it slung one brief but hopeful beam of light out over Vancouver.

And, emerging from the deep dark grey murk of the Wet Coast in a monsoon, came a glimpse of a beautiful city, waiting for us.

This was my first and only picture of the first day of 2021. Uninterested in more rain photos, I almost gave up on the day –  then, for a brief few minutes, the downpour ceased and it was dry enough to take a camera outside.


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A story: A touchstone for troubled times, Leonard Cohen’s Anthem took its own sweet time to happen, by Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail

Released as the beacon centrepiece to Cohen’s The Future in 1992, Anthem is particularly alive in 2020  …  Swelling and almost optimistic, the redemptive hymn from the Poet of Brokenness resonates universally.



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