I have stuff on my agenda today, much of it pressing. But the first thing I did after scanning news feeds – all reporting on America’s $1.6 billion US mega millions lottery draw today – was to sit still for a moment, a little stunned, and  ponder what I’d do with all that money.

Then – and this is not typical of me, honestly, it’s really really really not – I went online and investigated how I, a Canadian, could buy one of the $2 lottery tickets.

Turns out that would involve either crossing the border into Trump’s United States of America (nope), or giving my credit card to some dubious third party agent claiming  to be honest enough to turn over a winning ticket. (Hahahahaha!)

I came to my senses, to realize I’d just revealed to myself – I like to think of myself as sane, claim to be sensible, very carefully junks or reports all phishing scams – that I have a price.

Turns out my price is $1.6 billion US.

THIS, my friends, is how one gets ambushed by scams.

Luckily for me, a Canadian girl can only dream ….



The impossible dream: US gripped by 1 in 302m chance of winning the lottery, The Guardian

“The yet unclaimed Mega Millions prize has reached $1.6bn, the biggest jackpot in US history”


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