“Concrete thinking” declares the sign on the silo on the Ocean Concrete plant on Granville Island.

To me, though, this vista instead invites play, fantasy. Looking down on it from above, on Vancouver’s Granville Bridge, the unusual industrial plant in the heart of the Canadian city resembles a child’s play set.

The tone is set by the six concrete silos, called Giants, and painted for the city’s 2014 Vancouver Biennale by the twin Brazilian brothers known as Os Gemeos. Their  21-meter murals make the massive silos look, if not quite alive, moveable. The sense of play is boosted by the colours and murals painted on Ocean’s trucks, which seem to invite us to reach in with our fingers and roll them around.

It’s an illusion, of course. And, like all illusions in all places, it’s part of the storyful magic of the city.



Os Gemeos artists

Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada




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