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Sailing in to catch the last of World Oceans Day, with this image taken on a grey foggy day on a ferry sailing north on the Salish Sea, from Earl’s Cove to Saltery Bay, British Columbia.

One day is not enough to help the oceans we all treat like sewers and plastic garbage pits, even as we overfish our seafood meals from them.

The only solution is to change systems.

But we can each make a small difference. In my own life, while I work toward systemic change, I aim to pick up and dispose of 10 bits of plastic debris each time I go outside, to help lessen the damage. Drops in the bucket, I know – but drops add up.



World Oceans Day, organized by The Ocean Project

“Soon, there will be no fish — Daniel Pauly,” my 2005 story published in the Globe and Mail.

“Illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and overfishing deplete fish stocks and cause billions of dollars in losses a year, experts say.” – Reuters report, May, 2018



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